Paul N. Bryant - Fine English Double Basses

Bryant Basses Instrument Archive

This page shows a few of the instruments I have made in the past.

5 String Busetto model

Not strictly an English double bass, I have always wanted to try a busetto model. Based on a Prescott or a Klotz, this one off bass is now owned by a fine professional player, his 2nd Bryant 5 string bass.

William Tarr model

This bass is a copy of a double bass by William Tarr of Manchester, one of a series of basses Tarr made for the Halle orchestra. Unlike his usual viol model, these are violin shaped, although Tarr could not quite bring himself to make bold corners, but instead made them rather shallow. The back sides and head are of well figured English sycamore, the front of fine grain Alpine spruce.

Thomas Kennedy model.

Thomas Kennedy model. Several of these Kennedy model basses have been made, both with four and five strings, all of which are being played by professional musicians both here and in the United States. Very like the Panormo in size and shape, but of course always with a flat back.

Matteo Gofriller model

I made some ten of these basses, a large orchestral bass with deep ribs, also made a good acoustic jazz bass. The arched back, was made of poplar, however the ribs were always made of maple as I find this material stronger and easier to bend in tight curves, Gofriller had the same idea, as the bass featured in the Double Bassists magazine, spring 2006 is of the same construction. A good few of these basses were sold in the United States.

John Lott Model Bass

This has been my most popular orchestral bass, with some 30 made in both four and five string models. Included in these photos is the original John Lott Jn. it was modelled on. Always made with a flat back, however, one archback model has recently been made.

Bryant Panormo model

I have made two Panormo models, the Vincenzo Panormo with a swell back, and one after the basses made by his son George, with a flat back. Both basses have proved popular over the years.

Gabrielli model

This double bass was a copy of a small bass by Giovanni Battista Gabrielli. I made several of these basses and it later evolved into my solo model.

Bryant Solo bass

This bass evolved from my Gabrielli model, and has been made in many forms, with flat and arched backs of maple or poplar, and recently a busetto model.

Kennedy model - Sold

Following the Thomas Kennedy model, this is one of my less expensive basses, (are any of my basses expensive). An ideal student instrument, this would take you right into the profession, or good acoustic jazz bass. Made with plain maple sides, a back of English poplar, and a front of open grained Sitka spruce, a great bass for a reasonably modest outlay. Length of back 44.5", 113cm, width of upper bouts 21.5" 55cm, bottom bouts 26.5" 67cm, depth of ribs 8.5" 22cm, string stop 41.25" 104.5cm. One of the very last of my bigger 4 string orchestral basses, fitted with Spirocore strings, email for price or to come and try it. This bass is now sold.